Age: 40
Date of Birth: December 2nd 1972
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lb.
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Light brown




1990 Received the highest degree in gymnastics in the USSR.
Champion and medalist in numerous national and international competitions in gymnastics.
1995 Awarded Grand Prix at the International Circus Festival in Warsaw, Poland,

as a member of the World Famous DOVEIKO Teeterboard Troupe.
1996 World Circus Museum world record holder for accomplishing the

first ever quintuple summersault in the Teeterboard category.



1980-1993 Gymnastics training at the Olympic Gymnastics School, in Vladimir city, Russia.
1988-1993 Member of USSR National team.
1993 Training at the world famous Moscow State Circus.
1999 Ringling brothers Barnum and Bayley Circus
2000-present Trained in Russian Swing,Chinese poles, Hand Balancing,Jumping Stilts

,Aerial Silk,Aerial Straps,Aerial Bungee,Fast Track Tumbling.





1995 World tour with the Moscow State Circus


ABC Documentary "People of the extraordinary jobs" - acrobatic performance.
ESPN Special "Halloween on ICE" - acrobatic and aerial performance.
Spike TV WWE Monday Night Fights Special - acrobatic performance.
Bollywood movie "Aanjanii Aanjina" - Character and acrobatic appearance.

Latin Billboard Awards- acrobatic performance.


Work History:


1993-1997 Moscow State Circus-Teeterboard act
1998-1999 Yancovy Troupe-teeterboard act. Reno, Nevada
2000-2001 Ice skating Show in Myrtle Beach, SC- Acrobat,Gymnast.
2002-2005 Cirque de La Mer in San Diego, CA-Acrobat,Gymnast.
2005-Present Numerous shows ( Viaggio ,Il-Circo, Montage, Zzy-zyx, Calgary Stampede....) and

corporate events ( Bank of America, Jack in the Box, Pontiac.....) around the World

and USA performing as Aerialist,Gymnast and Acrobat.




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